Europe 2011-2012

Europe 2011-2012

There always seems to be a good reason to start a new blog. And right now, for this one: as much as I love traveling and photography, I have not journaled or shared my photos much at all. Hence this blog is born. New year, new resolution. Share more photos. Document. Write.

So post Christmas 2011 we started on 3 weeks of journey across Europe. Often we hear people go on a trip to Europe, as if it’s just one big mass of land, that you can “finish” in a few weeks. My gosh that could not be more wrong. We had to cut and select, and then cut and selected some more before deciding on six cities in six countries for three weeks.

We considered countries that are good to go in winter time and that can be traveled mostly by trains. So midland it is. I also kept in mind this would not be my only Europe trip in life (otherwise I would definitely include Italy and Spain). Since I lived in London at the time, we started and ended in London. While I don’t include London in this Europe series, I have to emphasize that everybody has to go to London at least once in their life. Big huge crush for London. I heart London.

So the six places are:
Amsterdam (Netherland)
Paris (France)
Munich (Germany)
Vienna (Austria)
Prague (Czech Republic)
Bruges (Belgium)

Will post more on each soon.