Map of my First Swipe of Europe

I found this pretty cool itinerary map builder at Travellerspoint. They also have pretty good information on each city as you build your map. Here’s the itinerary map of my first swipe of Europe last winter:

europe swipe i

europe swipe i

Straight line indicates land ride (or in my case, train) and curvy line indicates air ride.

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I started in London (the splashy dot), flew to Amsterdam and return back to London. Go with train to Paris (about 2 hours). Paris to Munich with overnight train. Munich to Vienna with train (about 4.5 hours). Vienna to Prague with train (5 hours). Flew from Prague to Brussel (1.5 hour), then continued with train to Bruges (1 hour). From Bruges, transit in Brussel, and back to London by train (1 hour + 2.5 hours).

Looking back with what I know now, I would not fly to Amsterdam at the beginning of the trip (I caught a packet deal quite early before I finished making the itinerary so I couldn’t change it). It’s far easier to find flight from Prague to Amsterdam than to Brussel, and I had to go up and down the world wide web to find something that was of reasonable price. A lot of the planes also make transit in Amsterdam before flying to Brussel from Prague, which would have wasted a lot of our time.

So with that considered, the ideal itinerary would be (considering we stick with the same set of cities): London > Paris > Munich > Vienna > Prague > Amsterdam > Brussel/Bruges > London. It’s very easy to go by train from Amsterdam to Brussel (which I’m actually going to do in my second swipe of Europe, but in the other direction).

Interesting bit of information that I found out on the road was that the train from Munich to Vienna actually goes all the way to Budapest. So when we stopped at Vienna and the train went on, we so wished that we could’ve continued another 2 hours to Budapest!