Wandering Mee gets its own domain!

Yes, I thought it’s about time for Wandering Mee to leave the nest and get its own domain. Please update your reader or bookmark. Yes the three of you! I’ll see you soon at: www.wanderingmee.com

Australian convict site, Port Arthur, Tasmania

UNESCO World Heritage List – My Number

Just quite recently I started to have great interest in UNESCO World Heritage List. The interest was first sparked by the iPad app Fotopedia Heritage – which is a great app and has tons of beautiful pictures. I actually contributed…

welcome mee

What I Learned From 4 Months of Travel Blogging

Though I’m new to travel blogging, I’m not new to blogging. In fact, before the whole blogging concept was born, I was doing my own personal website since year 2000. I have many personal websites and blogs that come and…

Kinderdijk windmills

Postcards from Kinderdijk: Mill Network in Netherland

Kinderdijk windmill site is the place we went to on day 1 of my Europe summer trip. We went to Rotterdam, specifically to check this fantastic mill network that I’d been seeing the pictures of. What a great opportunity for…

mom and aunties in Athens

Traveling Europe with 3 Indonesian Grandmothers: Postmortem

Wow I have been away for a while! My mom and two aunties came to London. We traveled around Western Europe for 18 days. Back to London and traveled some more after working hours and on the weekend (I had…